Museum of New Mexico Press


Converging Streams

Art of the Hispanic and Native American Southwest

Robin Farwell Gavin, Author
William Wroth, Editor

This lushly illustrated book examines the cross-cultural influences and unique artistic dialogue between Hispano and Native American arts in the Southwest over the past four hundred years since Spanish colonisation. Insightful essays by historians, artists, and scholars including Estevan Rael-Galvez, Lane Coulter, Enrique R Lamadrid, Marc Simmons, and others explore the impact of cultural interaction on various art forms including painting, sculpture, metalwork, textiles, architecture, furniture, and performance and ceremonial arts. Over 150 art works and photographs gathered from museums across the country are testimony to the unique Southwestern aesthetic that developed from this dynamic cultural exchange.

Trim: 9 in" x 11 in."

Pages: 256 pages

Illustrations: 211 color and 23 black-and-white photographs





Paperback $39.95